8 Technological Trends To Profoundly Impact Human Life

8 Technological Trends To Profoundly Impact Human Life

The rapid progress in technology has resulted in the ability to create more minor, quicker and efficient devices. It’s difficult to predict the next ten years of Technological Trends growth.

Self-driving vehicles, robotic assistants, speech-recognition software, and more will be powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning in the coming decade. AI is also analyzing medical records for diagnostic purposes. Consumer data is being analyzed for purchase choices. The world’s best Go player was recently defeated by Google’s DeepMind AlphaGo. When humans are augmented by artificial intelligence, they will have access to a “thinking cap” that will allow them to digest information at a much quicker rate and access nearly endless knowledge sources.

There is still a long way to go before wearable technology reaches its full potential. But it has made enormous progress. Apple was give a patent for a smart watch that that could measure pulse rates using electrodes connect with sensors. But this patented product remains unpublished and unseen.

There is a sea change afoot for the Internet as we know it today. When billions and trillions of devices are connect to the Internet, data collecting will become more extensive. Investing substantially in this trend would lead businesses to present customers with individualized suggestions based on real time information from the smart thermostat or  GPS tracker of your self-driving car.

Big Data and Enhanced Analytical Processing

Organizations must be able to evaluate data more quickly and in a wider variety of ways as the volume of information grows exponentially. Artificial intelligence (AI) for large-scale data analysis and enhanced analytics will skyrocket in the coming years. Human decision-making will have a more solid foundation thanks to the increasing reliance on A.I.-based algorithms that can automatically detect patterns in Big Data sets, find correlations between different variables and make predictions about future events or scenarios using historical trends or past performance, as well as new opportunities for improved customer service through person-to-person interaction.

Distributed Ledgers and Blockchains

An organization’s shared ledger is make possible by blockchain technology. When all parties have access to a single, authoritative “golden copy,” there is no need to continually monitor and reproduce data from other sources, saving resources.

Virtual and augmented reality are predict to have a significant impact on how we interact in the next ten years. Cerebral Systems plans to introduce “augmented telepathy,” a new kind of communication that will allow individuals to communicate directly from their thoughts, in 2020. People with illnesses or disabilities like ALS or cerebral palsy who have difficulties speaking can also benefit from this technology.

It is predict that intelligent spaces and intelligent locations will increase rapidly in the next ten years. Systems are already in place to monitor the usage of energy, water, and other natural resources to improve efficiency with little human intervention for an optimal outcome in intelligent buildings, campuses, or cities.

Digitally Expanded Realities

People may be able to expand their digital realities in the not-too-distant future. As an example, people who can’t be there in person might participate in a virtual reenactment of a meeting or event. Additionally, new technologies like augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) will let us experience virtual worlds alongside the actual ones, letting us do everything from play games on the sidewalk to traveling to distant planets without ever leaving our homes.


New technology developments are transforming our lives at an unprecedented rate. You must keep up with what the experts have to say about the future if you want to succeed. These 11 technological trends will alter your life in the next decade if you don’t read this article in its entirety.

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