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TikTok Comments: 5 Must-Known Tactics To Increase Engagement

tiktok comments

TikTok is an emerging platform where millions of users create trending videos with viral content. Since the videos on TikTok are short, people show greater interest in watching the videos. But, another way to increase audience engagement is the TikTok comments. The comments section on TikTok makes it enticing for users to share their opinion about the brand or business. 

An attractive TikTok comment helps to gain thousands of likes that boost your popularity among different audiences. Just posting content on TikTok will not promote your brand. It requires a potential reach among audiences to raise brand authenticity. The best way to create brand awareness is to connect with audiences through comments and show your brand presence.

Are you ready to engage your audiences by getting TikTok comments? Here are some of the strategies to master your brand on TikTok.

Ways To Get Comments On TikTok Organically

Learning how to turn comments on TikTok videos becomes the best creative section to drive higher engagement. Most brands and businesses reply to their audiences’ comments to maintain a good relationship. Some reply to their comments with a video that will be best to grab their audience’s attention.

When your comment section appears with positive comments and attractive reactions, new audiences will catch on and follow your TikTok account. Comments section gains the power to attract real TikTok followers with organic reach.

Below are the things to remember while getting comments organically:

#1. Ranking Of Your TikTok Comments

The algorithm on TikTok ranks your video based on the likes you earn for the particular comment. The popular TikTok comments will acquire the top position, thus increasing the visibility. So, creating an engaging comment relevant to the video gains the audience’s attention and boosts your rank on comments. TikTok algorithm considers the video with higher comment activity and pushes the content on the For You page to increase your audience growth.

#2. Respond To Your Videos

Video responses on TikTok make you stand out from the crowd provided with the engaging comments. The particular section allows you to respond directly to the audience for the reply about your video. Since the video response is merged with the comments section, you can drive greater engagement on TikTok. Brands find the TikTok comments as the right place to answer the questions from their audiences about the video. Responding to your users with a reply through video creates another level of engagement.

#3. Brands Choose Viral Videos To Comment

Most brands choose the comment section of popular videos to leave a comment to get a greater response. However, the Discover tab shows videos with trending hashtags and popular brands commenting on viral videos. Considering this, brands find the viral videos to leave a comment to get potential reach. Also, they use it to interact with users in comments to showcase their new products or services.

#4. Work According To The Nature Of The App

An exciting factor on TikTok to keep in mind is to stay true to your audiences and the regulations of the TikTok application. When you are navigating to comments, the nature of the app needs to be considered. Maintaining a good relationship with your audiences is essential in the comments section to increase brand awareness. Make your comment unique and innovative to get replies from other users, thus boosting your brand popularity. 

#5. Provide Call To Action To Drive Engagement

Brands find the comment section on TikTok as the right place to drive higher engagement. So, they choose the way to include the CTA button either in the video or in the caption. Some of the other tricks to include the CTA button is to ask your audiences to tag their friends with a CTA to your video. As a brand, it is better to use the required CTA in the comment section to gain viewers’ attention to click on the CTA. Some prefer to use CTA in their pinned comments. Since pinned comments appear at the top of the comment section, gaining audience engagement will become easier.

How To Turn Comments On TikTok?

Are you a new user and struggling to comment on TikTok? Here are the ways to turn your comments section on the videos:

  1. Move on to your profile page and select the three dots available at the top right corner.
  2. Choose the Settings and Privacy option.
  3. Again click Privacy and move down to select the Comments option.
  4. Under this section, there are various options available to select who can leave comments for your videos. The available options are Everyone, Followers, Friends, or No one. Choosing ‘Everyone’ allows any user to leave a comment, whereas ‘Followers and Friends’ will enable users to leave comments only by the user who follows you. If any user wishes to comment on your video, they need to follow you back.
  5. Select ‘No one’ on the comment section will never let anyone leave comments for your videos.

You can also turn off the comments by toggling the comments on and off button before posting your TikTok video.


The TikTok comments section remains the best to drive audience engagement to a larger level. Understanding the strategy of TikTok comments will take your brand to great success. The effective tips above help you finetune your brand presence and boost the engagement rate by increasing your brand authority. Manage your TikTok comments to earn new audiences and enhance your popularity among various target audiences. Therefore, engaging your audiences on TikTok comments will lead to a grand success.

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