4 Troubleshooting Tips To Try If Your  AirPods Case Not Charging

4 Troubleshooting Tips To Try If Your  AirPods Case Not Charging

Today, earbuds are one of the most sought-after technological devices. In today’s society, it is owned by people of all ages because of its importance. However, what if you wake up and discover a mistake in it one day. What would you do if it worked all day flawlessly, only to suddenly cease operating when you needed it most? “Why is my AirPods case not charging?” may be a common query.

We’ve been there, too. The only thing you needed was a good source of entertainment, but your earphones had an issue. There are several possible causes for this issue. Software issues are the most prevalent, though. The AirPods themselves often operate well, but the cases don’t. Alternatively, one of the AirPods may be malfunctioning, rather than two. Another typical problem is that one or both AirPods fail to operate.

It’s just that the earphones aren’t getting the battery energy they need. Identifying this may be done in a single step. It’s possible that the charging light will be lit when you put the case into your phone. When you put your earbuds back in the case, you may also notice that they can charge. However, when you unplug the case, the battery goes back to 0%. This is known as a software problem because of a defect in the program. If you’re wondering ‘Why is my AirPods pro case not charging?’ this might be a contributing factor. What you can do about it is as follows:

Get a new USB cord

Changing the USB cable may be the solution to many problems. Connect the gadget to a wall charger or a computer if it doesn’t work. The USB cord is often the problem rather than the device itself. You must first perform this step to verify and ensure that the same is true. Using and moving USB cables might cause internal harm.

Verify your power supply

You may also double-check your charger once you’ve checked your cord. Try using the charger to charge another device to check if it has defaulted. A MAC or PC may be set.

Please take a look at your charger in various ways to ensure it’s working correctly. Your charger or cord may be the source of the problem rather than the case.

Reset Your Gadget’s Casing On AirPods

It’s critical to perform a factory reset on your AirPods to eliminate the possibility that there is a software issue. You can get rid of any problems or defaults by performing a factory reset on your computer or mobile device. In the name of formatting, this is what happens to various gadgets. Formatting a computer or other electronic device is a standard service technician provides. This is what it means to “reset your case.”

Disinfect The Charging Port On The Airpods Case

Like a factory reset, cleaning a gadget brings it back to life. Make sure the port is well-cleaned. They’re better at gathering dust since they’re faster. Because of this, they must be cleaned up from time to time. To clean, do not use any liquid or dangerous compounds. A dry brush or a pin might be used. Once you’ve cleaned your gadget, you might want to give charging a shot. These are all short-term solutions to the problem. If the issue persists, the slow repair of visiting an Apple Store may be your best option. This is the last resort if none of the other mentioned ideas work.

Final Thoughts

Having the support of a store’s experts is a huge benefit. In a flash, they grasp the issue’s essence and devise a solution. They’ll also let you know if there’s any damage to your case that can’t be repaired. If nothing else seems to be working, don’t forget to try this last step.

We hope you found the information in this post helpful in figuring out why your AirPods case isn’t charging. We wish you the best of luck in resolving your situation.

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